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Why not take a look at my pictures from Eastern Island or Suriname?



I have chosen to use picasaweb (google) for my galleries



I think I'm really starting to get the photo bug..


Who are you?




Beach at Kåseberga


Swan at Ribban in Malmö (Hi-Res)


Here is a butterfly from the Slovenian night (Coolpix 8800, July 2006, Hi-Res)
Enormous size! In this pic it would fit in to a 10 cm circle in real scale.


I'm learning how to take pictures of fast IFO's
I know! The picture needs focus and correct exposure...
I'm posting it because I find the position in flight really inspiring


My first astro-pic Jan 2007. Hi-Res
Primary focus (no eye-piece) / Canon 30D / Soligor teleskope / Some Photoshop


Below: The Cygnus Loop from the NASA APOD

Click to view it on the NASA APOD

Credit J. Hester (ASU)


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